Now Together Providing Full Service
For All Your Property Needs!

Usher Tree Experts and North Shore Tree & Landscaping have served our community for generations - since the mid-1960s. We have grown and prospered all these years by maintaining the highest standards along with honoring our commitments and communities.

Both companies have worked together on several projects, adding to the value of your community. Now together, the company will have four certified arborists, a broader range of services, while offering efficient and prompt customer service.

Please visit our website at for more information and follow us on Facebook.

As always, we hope you will contact us with any questions or concerns. The contact numbers for Jeff Usher of Usher Tree Experts and Leighton Mears of North Shore Tree and Landscaping will remain the same. Please feel to call us at (631) 751-8933 or (631) 751-2000.

Jeff Usher • (631) 751-8933


Leighton Mears • (631) 751-2000